What is Kundalini Yoga?

Yoga is a technology of awareness. It starts with the universal human predicament that regardless of your individual level of experience and awareness, the underlying reality of every human mind is that it is both infinite and creative in potential. This unlimited potential is limited in practical action. Your possibilities meet with your actualities at the border of awareness. Awareness varies and gives you different choices and capacities. To break the unconscious limits, a person needs technical know-how. That know-how is required to expand the caliber and capacity of the mental faculties, to bring about an equilibrium, to control the physical structure, and to experience the Infinite Self. – Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga is one of the 22 yoga disciplines, a supreme technology that awakens your consciousness and brings you back to your original self. Kundalini means consciousness and yoga union. It is an ancient technique for living a healthy, happy and spiritually aware life.

It came to the West in the late 60’s by the hand of Yogi Bhajan. It is taught as he taught it.

Other Yoga disciplines focus on the perfection of the body. However, Kundalini Yoga is about mind, body and soul. It works on the neuroendocrine system, thus strengthening the immune system.

This technology balances the seven chakras (energy centres), the arcline and the aura (eighth chakra). It does this through kriyas (successions of asanas or postures), pranayamas (breathing), mudras (hand postures), meditations and chanting mantras.

The most important thing about Kundalini Yoga is the experience, your experience, which goes straight to the heart